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Technical support, help desk & customer service

Technical support
& help desk

& monitoring

Customer service
& save desk

We love new technolgy!!

operates 24/7/365

We have a genuine love for new technology, new media solutions, Internet applications, e-commerce, innovative customer contact technology and modern dialogues. We are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in order to maintain the best possible services for our clients and their customers.

Due to our skills, profile and vast experience, we are the natural choice support and help desk partner to many of the Swedish and Scandinavian streaming companies. We have a unique knowledge from running help desk within VOD, DRM, download services and event support. We also handle B2B services within the industry, i.e monitoring, NOC support and live encoding.

About us

Our services

  • Technical support
  • Back office
  • Customer service
  • Save Desk and sales
Our services

Datakompisen allows us to focus on our core business!

Datakompisen gives our organization the opportunity to focus on our OTT services – technology and content - as Datakompisen handles all our customer services, technical support and surveillance 24/7/365. Datakompisens low employee turnover allows them to ensures stability and the competence needed, both in a short and long term.

Datakompisen ensures us a NOC support, night time

Thanks to Datakompisen, we are able to offer our clients a technical help desk around the clock, in our own name and with a reliable supply of service that ensures our quality in customer care and meets our needs for niche technical expertise. Datakompisen has been exemplary and flexible, in their intent to meet our needs.

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Skolgatan 4 | 917 31 Dorotea
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